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Bird House Pump Fountain

Product Description

With a tipped pail and worn looking fence posts, the Bird House Pump Fountain is an enjoyable lightweight water feature.  A small element, shaped like a bird house sits upon one of the fence posts while a little bird sits upon the spigot pumping water gazing up at the bird house element.  Water flows into the half tipped bucket just before recirculating within

  • Measures: 12.2 inches Wide x 16.1 inches Deep x 28.9 inches Tall. Weighs 14.08 lbs.
  • The Bird House Pump Fountain is composed out of durable and lightweight polyresin and fiberglass
  • Includes Recirculating Pump,electric powered with a 13.1ft cord
  • The Bird House Pump Fountain ships via UPS and will ship 3 to 5 business days after order date

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$ 275.99 $ 325.29

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