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English Ivy Garden Lantern Curved Arm - LED

Product Description

"American Made" of solid brass with a magnificent patina finish, our Butterfly mini garden lantern is as beautiful by day as it is functional by night. These 3.5 watt LED garden lights can easily replace a worn out fixture in your existing garden lighting system or be part of a new landscape lighting design.

Truly works of art, each handcrafted mini garden lantern comes with a 13 step patina finish to perfectly coordinate with your home and garden.

What type of product is this?: 12 Volt Landscape Lighting

Is this product suitable for outdoor use?: Yes

What is the warranty? 1 Year Warranty

What are the Rated Hours of the LED? 25,000 Hours

LED Waterproof? Yes

What type of mount is required for this product? Stem to ground spike

What is the primary material used to construct the product? Solid Brass

Order Lead Times: 4 to 6 weeks. (This is special Hand made Product) 

    $ 276.00 $ 349.99