FIBERGLASS PLANTER BOXES: Pego Oval Round Planter: (Size=22" x 18" x 30"H) by Jay Scotts

Jay Scotts

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Bring sophistication and elegance to your space with the Peypin Planter - a stunning 4-foot tall vessel that boasts both style and size. Whether you need to make a statement in a large-scale project or add a touch of warmth to a smaller area, the Peypin Planter is a perfect design choice. Placing multiple planters throughout a resort, restaurant, or office/retail complex will create a striking impact, while adding it to a lounge area will inject a massive dose of style.

The Peypin Round Planter is not only aesthetically pleasing but also built to endure harsh weather conditions without cracking, fading, or shattering. Crafted by skilled artisans using premium fiberglass, these lightweight yet durable vase-shaped vessels are finished with several layers of high-quality resin applied by hand using an automotive-grade process. They are suitable for year-round outdoor use and can withstand cold temperatures, freezing rain, and direct sunlight without losing their great looks.

Available in 16 vibrant finishes, the Peypin Planter offers a customizable look for your commercial and residential design projects. Opt for understated elegance with finishes like Matte Charcoal, Matte White, Metallic Silver, Satin Beige, or Matte Black. For a pop of color, consider Gloss Saffron, Gloss Eggplant, or Gloss Tangerine.

***Fiberglass planters are painted to order and therefore require a lead time of 5 to 7 business days***

Pego Oval 18"
18" x 14" x 26"H 
Inside: 14" x 12""
Base: 14"
Weight: 9 lbs
Pego Oval 22"
25.5" x 22" x 30"H 
Inside: 22.75" x 19.25"
Base: 20"
Weight: 16 lbs